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Flood Insurance Jacksonville

Some Floridians are not aware that flood damage to their home, its contents and other belongings are not covered by their homeowners insurance policy. Others are simply living in denial of how serious flood risks* are in a state that has seen devastating rainstorms. Although it may not seem as important as a basic homeowner's policy, flood insurance Jacksonville provides protection against heavy amounts of rainfall, storm surges, blocked storm drains and more. Unlike most insurance products, flood insurance is issued through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

National Flood Insurance Program

To ensure your home is safe and your belongings are adequately protected, you need an experienced agent who understands the government's flood insurance programs. Flood insurance provides two types of basic protection:

  1. Building Coverage. This provision covers damage to the insured's property, structures, and foundations to include: a building's electrical and plumbing; attached carpeting and flooring; heating and air conditioning; built-in appliances; and more.
  2. Contents Coverage: This provision covers damage to the insured's contents, belongings and furniture to include: window dressings and blinds; electronics and portable appliances; clothing and linens; non-attached rugs and pictures; and more.

Although it is not difficult to qualify for flood insurance Jacksonville, Beaches, St. Augustine, a homeowner must reside in an area that qualifies for government issued flood insurance. At Nsurance Nation, we know and understand the risks that flood damages pose and can help you find the most affordable options to protect your assets.

Standard Flood Zone Insurance Coverage

If you live in an area that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, you may qualify for a standard flood insurance policy. The federal government helps residents in communities that adopt floodplain management ordinances established by the NFIP. If you live in a low to moderate risk zone, your home or business may qualify for a lower-cost, preferred risk policy. While you are not required to purchase flood insurance living in a low to moderate risk zone, even a few inches of water can cause very expensive damage.

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*NOTE: Whether you think you are at risk for flood damage or not, it is important to consider the pros and cons of obtaining the coverage offered for your area. So, speak with an agent today.

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